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Better driving weather

Better driving weather
Well the winter blast of snow and ice we got before Xmas has melted away with the recent warm weather we've had. Now you can see all the ugly stuff that was hiding in the snow piles. There is a good size chunk of concrete that the snowplow left at the bottom of my driveway, looking down the road from my house I don't see anything missing so I have no idea where he got it. I just hope the city picks it up.

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When the snow first arrives each year, it seems like all the fools want to go play in the snow. There are so many accidents and cars in the ditches, you wonder how it can happen when traffic is just creeping along. Does everyone forget how to drive in the snow?

SLOW DOWN, KEEP YOUR DISTANCE! and maybe you'll stay out of the ditch. It's too bad the authorities can't come up with a way to test drivers in winter conditions before issuing their license, it would be a lot safer out there.

Now that the snow and ice are gone, speeds have gone back to normal on the roads and highways. Unfortunately with the increased speeds come increased damage and injuries if there is an accident. With higher speeds, you need to increase your following distance to allow room for safety.

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Remember that anything can happen anywhere and anytime so be aware of what is behind you and what is beside you as well as traffic ahead of you. Keep a mental picture of where vehicles are in your blind spots, they may be there for a while and if you forget that they are there and change lanes, you may just end up as another statistic.

More on ROAD SAFETY at

Road Safety at

Road Safety at
This blog is the beginning of some of my thoughts and maybe some rants about driving and road safety in general.

I've been lucky, I have never been in a reportable accident. In fact the most damage that I have done to a vehicle myself was with an ice scraper when I broke an expensive piece of trim whileblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}"> trying to free the wiper blades after an ice storm.

It's not because I don't drive much or only drive where there is no traffic, I've accumulated well over a million miles, mostly driving a straight truck in metropolitan areas like Toronto, Buffalo, Hamilton or Detroit as well as the desolate areas in between.

I believe the main reason I've been so lucky is that I LIKE TO BE SAFE. I don't knowingly take chances if there is any possibility of getting hurt or damaging property.

I didn't always think that way though. I lived in The Bahamas when I started driving. In Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, there aren't freeway or highway systems like the "Interstates" or "Kings Highways" There was Sunrise Highway which was more like a driveway for the amount of traffic that was there, and that was about it.

When I was young in the Bahamas, I took risks, I did do things that were unsafe and dangerous until witnessing a really horrific accident where a pedestrian was hit by a speeding car and his mangled lifeless body came sliding to "our" feet. Forty years after that accident, I can still see it in slow motion like it was last week. That same year my grandmother was killed in a car accident and within a few years a couple of my friends were killed in separate auto accidents.

I have known several people that have survived serious accidents only to go out and survive more serious accidents, unfortunately alcohol sometimes plays a roll. Why are some people so unlucky?

I think it boils down to a combination of ones perception of safety and/or tolerance of risk. In other words, they may think they are safer than they really are or are more willing to take a risk than others.

blur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}">Personally, I play it safe for the most part, in fact one might say too safe. I like to have a three second break between my car and the car in front of me driving 75 miles an hour on a busy highway. This way, when a tailgater is one quarter of a second from my rear bumper, I have enough time to warn the asshole on my bumper and still slow down without "spilling my coffee".

All in all, everyone is responsible for their own safety on the road to a large extent, though freak things do happen and even the safest drivers can be at risk of mechanical failure, mistakes of other drivers or even road or weather conditions.

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Tailgating, Don't take away my safety space

I don't know about you, but this is an issue that really pisses me off.

Most other unsafe road actions are not as intentional as tailgating. An unsafe pass, unsafe lane change, forgotten signal or even running a red light or stop sign may be a momentary lapse of judgment, but getting close and personal with a vehicle in front of you at 70 miles per hour shows either ones aggression or shear ignorance of physics. It's no wonder how road rage begins sometimes.

Pile up

Some may recommend a two second break between vehicles on a highway but I prefer a three second gap between my vehicle and the vehicle in front of me. That way I have just a little more time to "PLAN" my actions in case of an emergency and emergencies do happen in a split second. I'll never cease to be amazed when I see a string of cars less than a second apart driving at 75 mph.

I fully believe in the basic rule "slower traffic keep right" or "keep right except to pass" while driving on highways and believe that if everyone followed that rule, it would be like unclogging a heart patient's arteries and traffic would flow.

If slower traffic did keep right a lot of the tailgating would probably go away although there may still be some that just don't know any better or just don't care.

More on road safety at

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